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April 30, 2007

Miso pork salad w/ avocado

After a very naughty calorie Sunday at the zoo, I had to pack something very Core for today. I'd marinated some pork in a miso mixture earlier in the day and broiled it that evening for dinner. The kids were making demands every .25 seconds, so I ended up over cooking it and the pork was pretty much like 2 cm thick jerky. :( Still, it tasted good and the burnt parts were very flavorful. We had two pieces leftover, so I sliced them both up and froze one for a future lunch. The other set went on top of a bed of thinly chopped romaine lettuce heart (1 head) along with sliced avocado and grape tomatoes. I topped it off with a sakura shaped mango slice that I had left over.

Doesn't the pork look great in the picture? :) No dressing needed as I can eat the meat and avocado with the lettuce as taste. I made a fruit bowl as well with mango, blackberries, kiwi, and a Laughing Cow Light Swiss wedge, but I didn't take a pic as it looks pretty much the same as all my fruit bowls. This was a quick one, about 20 minutes total. I'm getting faster!

I won a bento box on eBay yesterday. Only 2 dollars! The shipping is costing me $5... so mental. Weight loss this week: 2.2 lbs! Weight Watchers congratulated me but gave me a finger wagging, saying that more than 2 is too much. This can mean only one thing... MOAR FOOD! Woot!

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Nexa said...

I would really like to start doing these (I'm so impressionable) because I spend a fair bit on sushi and such during the week (ok, not *that* much, but I'm cheap). With the baby at home though, I have almost NO time in the morning to make stuff. Do you have recommendations on low cost things I can prepare the night before, freeze, etc, to cut down on morning prep?