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October 26, 2007

Whole Wheat Spaghetti (138)

Yesterday this really scary e-mail got sent out by Campus Security saying that some psycho was overheard talking to himself on a bus about how he was going to shoot 30 UH students, then he got off the bus at McCully, which is maybe a mile from campus. I work in a secure area, but Mr. Pikko didn't want to take any chances, so he asked me to leave work early (he was at home sick). So I did and was able to get some errands done, including returning $107 worth of merchandise to Sephora. Man, that felt good. I then went to Longs and bought mascara, eye makeup remover, and a foundation sponge for $17.00. All that cost less than the mascara I returned, hahaha!! My cheapo brain was positively beaming.

We ate Zippy's yesterday and I had to pick up this monstrous order for everyone. We discovered that their fried chicken is freakin' expensive!! 17 bucks for 10 pieces. I mean, it tastes really good but what the heck? Anyway, Zippy's now offers whole wheat noodles for their spaghetti, which I am of course a big fan of since WW noodles are a Core food. I've got some for lunch today with some fried bell peppers and sweet onion. I fry these in olive oil and pepper, so it's still a Core addition. Next to it I have a slice of toasted whole wheat bread topped lightly with spread and garlic salt to make some healthier garlic bread.

In my other layer I have the last of my kim chee crab and some avocado. The kim chee crab this time was a lil more expensive than usual, but I think it's because they used a better brand of imitation crab and you can really taste the difference. Hopefully Foodland will continue to use that one. Our avocado tree has reached the end of it's fruit season, so it's back to buying avocados for me. People seem to comment pretty frequently about how beautiful my avocados are and I'm a little confused by this. Are people admiring the way I cut them or are avocados just uglier on the mainland? Please fill this clueless Hawaii girl in please! :D

Halloween is coming... I must find somewhere or someone to dump all the Halloween candy on... I must also think of some appropriate thing for my kids to "buy" with their Halloween candy. A toy? A movie? Any suggestions on healthy alternatives?


Jenny said...

Hi Pikko! Didn't realize you worked at UH as well! I was quite freaked out when we got that message as well. We usually have the children's center visit us so have to plan for healthy giveaways. We usually give out animal crackers. This year we're going for temporary tattoos...last year we went for mini bottles of bubbles and plastic bracelets! :)

janfrederick said...

I dunno. The avocados here seem fine. Must be the way you cut them. Also, they are probably thinking about what their avocados look like after they get to work and after forgetting to add a little lemon juice.

Sarah said...

Hi there Pikko! I had a quick question for you- I just got back from Japan on Sunday and I bought a heart and star hardboiled egg mold set and I don't know how to use it (lol!). I boiled large eggs, shelled them, then put them in the mold for about 10+ minutes but they didn't mold into the shape. Do I need to use bigger eggs? Or did I just not make them right? Thanks in advance for your help!

Pikko said...

Hi Sarah,

I use extra large eggs as any smaller and the eggs don't press enough. You also need to put them in cold water after you close the mold around the egg.