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June 2, 2008

Kalbi Fried Rice (220)

Yesterday I did what I despise doing. I went to Costco to buy contact solution, spent almost $200 on food and stuff, then realized late last night that I'd forgotten to buy the contact solution. ARRRRGH!!!

While there, I fell prey to those damned food stands and bought a bag of pre-marinated kalbi or as the package called it, galbi. Ever since a former co-worker of mine explained to me how to easily clean my George Foreman grill (I had previously positioned it by the sink and poured water on it continually while cursing such a stupid invention) I am more eager to use it. I grilled the meat with it and it was pretty good. I've definitely had better at Korean restaurants, but it was still pretty good for Costco.

I cut up a piece really small and then added it to a pan to char a bit while I cut up the leftover grilled bell peppers (which were AWESOME!). There was very little rice left thankfully, so this isn't too bad of a lunch today. I got onto the scale the other day and was horrified to see the number 134.4 staring back at me. Way too much Pandas... This didn't seem to stop me from eating Pandas again on Saturday though, haha! It did motivate me to do more Tae-Bo though, which I did Saturday and Sunday, bringing me back down to 131.4 this morning. I think the approach I need to get to is eating what I like, just a lot less of it and keeping up the exercise. I'd love to dive headfirst back into Weight Watchers and all, but you've all seen me struggling to stick to that for a while now and it hasn't been working.

So anyway, I'll keep up the exercise and stop freaking stuffing myself, which I've been doing a lot lately. Complete plan:

1. Better breakfast so that I snack less
2. Daily tae-bo
3. Controlled eating
4. Much more water drinking
5. No more freaking horrible desserts

For #5 I bought a box of Skinny Cows. This should keep my sweet tooth distracted. With the massive slew of birthdays we just got through, it's no wonder I'm always chowing down on sugary crap without a care in the world lately. >.<


James said...

Ok, Give it up. What's the secret? Those darn grills give me a headache with the scrubbing and the scrubbing, and the rinsing, and it takes forever.

Pikko said...

When it's still sizzling hot, take a wet paper towel and simply wipe it down. With a bit of light scrubbing and a few rinses of the towel (and more towels), I usually get it clean in around 5 minutes. BIG improvement over me ruining a dish spongue and getting all pissy at it as the meat juices oozed all over my counter..

MsKathy said...

If you want to make it even easier, soak a paper towel (get it good and dripping wet) and put it inside when the grill is unplugged and near the sink - the water from the paper towel will steam off the stubborn bits. Just leave it until it cools down a little, then use the paper towel to get the gunk off..