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May 9, 2007

Beef broccoli w/ tofu

My super duper MIL made two dishes last night, one being gluten-free (beef broccoli) and the other being not (mapo tofu). I took a lil bit of both along with some white/brown mix rice. It looked pretty plain color-wise, so when I got home I added some chopped kamaboko, furikake, and an extra carrot flower I couldn't fit into yesterday's bento. It looks basically the same as yesterday, but I'm ok with that. I sure am eating a lot more rice than last week. >.<

Yesterday, I either had an allergic reaction to something I ate or I burned my throat really badly while drinking my tea because my throat has been swollen ever since I ate lunch. I don't know whether it was cause I microwaved the bento box, cause I cooked my food on that grill, or if the musubi mix in my rice had mushrooms in it. I'm thinking I must have burnt my throat because usually my reaction to mushrooms goes away by the next day. Whatever it was, it's very uncomfortable and I feel like I have cotton in my throat everytime I swallow. -_-


Nexa said...

aww, sorry your throat hurts hon, make sure you're drinking lots of (cold, haha) water!

Pikko said...

You know what is really wierd too, the topic in the admin IRC channel yesterday was "Careful: Hot beverages are hot!" and as soon as I saw it I was like, Captain Obvious stopped by today? Go me...