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May 11, 2007

Kaolian's Bane

In celebration of the arrival of my cute lil' Urara bento box set (box, strap, chopsticks, case, and bag!) I decided to make it color coordinated. This morning I fried up some asparagus and bell pepper (chopped last night) in olive oil, garlic salt, and toasted sesame seeds. On the bottom tray I put in the last of my kim chee crab, the last of the ahi shoyu poke, and some small cubes of tofu. I packed some soy sauce in one of my piggie bottles with the cap exchanged from the red piggie. The tofu expires today, so I'm bringing the rest of it in a separate container. I call it Kaolian's bane because he can't stand tofu and despises asparagus.

Top layer:

Bottom layer:

Fruits will be mango, strawberries, and blackberries. All Core meal! ^_^


Nexa said...

I think it looks delicious! I think it's also safe to guess that someone had a hard time getting her bento box all together with that much food in it, HA!

Pikko said...

LOL! Heck yeah! I had to mash it down! I'm scared to see what it'll look like when I open it to eat. rofl

Mine is the same box as yours, just in red. I can't believe I almost bought just the box for $16!!! I got this set for 14 including shipping.