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August 4, 2007

Store & Slideshow

Okie dokies people, today I've miraculously managed between Baby Girl's 500 questions and Buddy's 300 requests for various foods to complete a slideshow and a sorry excuse for a store to sell some bento things. It's a PayPal cart and I have the most ghetto shipping policy ever, but I hope it works anyway!

The store can be accessed here. I welcome comments but please keep the laughter about the site layout to a minimum. I was really lazy and pressed for time so I just used a Dreamweaver template.

My slideshow is of my bentos obviously, but I picked out only the ones I like more than the others.

I had more to say, but I've just run my toes across a Fruity Cheerio that I apparently crushed with my chair earlier today and so now I've got to go pull out some hair and slowly count to ten while I pick the little pieces out of the carpet.


Adrienne said...

can you pls post the size of the bento boxes in mL? Also, are all the items you are selling brand new, never been used?

Adrienne said...

one more question, are there any matching bands available to keep the bento boxes together? Thanky ou!

Pikko said...

Hrm, good idea. lol I'll go look and update it tonight. Yes, all the boxes are brand new. Unfortunately, I don't have matching bands. I do have matching bags!

Sina said...

It's great that you're offering bento boxes at a reasonable price! I'm really excited about that :D
But.. why are most of the accessories a similar price as the boxes? Maybe I just have a strange picture, but I figured that those are cheaper than the boxes.. Then again, if everything comes from dollar stores, maybe they're all about the same price. It's very likely that the horrendous prices at ebay have confused my presumption.
About packaging: If someone ordered a box and some accessories, maybe you could put the latter inside the box(es) in order to keep the parcel as small as possible?

And very important to me: Would you ship to Germany?

Sina said...

Oh and I forgot about something:
Will you list the matching bags in your online store?

Pikko said...

I knew it would confuse people but the reason for this is what you said, all of these things are the same price at the dollar store. So the little food cups and dividers are all priced the same as the boxes because that's how much I paid for them.

As for packaging, yes, I will stick the little things inside the box to ship. I am willing to ship to Germany as long as you are willing to pay what it costs to ship there!

Pikko said...

I have to wash my own bags to take the pictures, so that's why I haven't listed them yet. Hopefully today!

Adrienne said...

there isnt anyway to get matching bands? :( Or more matching chopsticks, spoon/fork sets? Or do some of the bento already come with chopsticks in the lid?

Sina said...

Hi, thanks for the answer!
Yes, I am willing to pay the shipping fees to Germany ;) It's still a lot cheaper than buying stuff from ebay..

There's already a lot of stuff gone in your store and I was wondering, if you can/want to get more of the strawberry sauce bottles and that cute sauce bottle rack.
If so, I'd wait until those are available again, because I don't want to pay shipping fees twice.

Pikko said...

I will have to look for the strawberries again, I could have sworn I had more but I guess not!

I had only bought one extra tray, sorry! I'll probably head down to Marukai again this week.

As for the bands, if I'd seen them I guarantee I'd have bought them for myself already! :(