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August 7, 2007

Sun, Moon, & Stars Bento

Last night I figured I'd make my bento ahead of time so that we could leave early this morning. Since I wanted to do a low point lunch I decided to make fried rice with brown rice and the leftover Costco chicken from the weekend. I started cooking my rice at 9:45 pm and the darned rice cooker was still puffing away at quarter to midnight. This was for ONE cup of brown rice!! Finally I gave up and went to bed and just as we're falling asleep Mr. Pikko is like, "What was that??" It's the rice cooker beeping. *mumble grumble*

This week's bento challenge is a Space theme, so though when I started making my bento this morning I didn't intend to have a space theme, the ideas for it came into my head as I was arranging things and as a result, I have a Sun, Moon, and Stars bento. They're going to start offering prizes too! I'll have to work harder on my bentos!

Underneath on the bottom left is my fried rice which is brown rice, olive oil, green onions (snipped from my garden this morning!), Costco chicken, peas from dinner last night, and some Aloha Hawaiian Honey BBQ sauce. On the right is one diced fishcake, which is 1 point I think. At the top are some sugar snap peas that I lightly blanched. In the Hello Kitty mini bowl I have some Kraft Free Ranch. On top I have ham stars, a mini Babybel sliced in half for a moon, a bell pepper sun, and two grape tomatoes to give some red in the middle. Extreme close-up! Total points: 2!

I would have taken a picture of the box, but I made the mistake of letting the kids play with this box so now I'm missing the little sliding bar that holds in the fork and spoon. It's really a miracle that I still have the utensils!

My bento store has really taken off nicely! I've made 4 rather big sales so far. Hooray! Now I can tell fellow bento nuts that I'm a "bento personal shopper". Bwahaha!


laver2k said...

i always check this page because your ideas are so clever!
a space theme? pretty cool for a lunch!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Pikko: I just ordered some bento accessories from your shop, but it looks like you've already sold out of the bento box I was thinking of getting, dang it. Anyway, what I like best about your bento blog is it's realistic ("Hey, I got leftovers, too!) and inspiring at the same time ("What? Kimchee and avocado?"). It made me realize that portion control can be fun! Mahalo plenty, Ahricat (Caitsith via Makiki)

Pikko said...

Haha, glad to hear that! As for the kim chee/avocado, I get that at the Foodland deli. It's the Kim Chee Imitation Crab.

myra said...

That is so cool! I've never cooked straight brown rice before. I wonder why it took so long?

Love your site! I wish I could make such cute bentos for my son.

Pikko said...

I guess that's just normal. I knew it took a long time because of the first time I cooked brown rice but I thought for sure that since I was cooking less of it, it would go faster somehow. Plus I'd forgotten just how long it takes! :(

Nexa said...


LilyInHell said...

Hi! I like very much your bentos!
Greetings from Italy!