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June 2, 2007

Korean BBQ Chicken

As you may have noticed to the right, I signed up for the Best Food Blog at the Blogger's Choice Awards. At first I thought it'd be incredibly lame of me to sign myself up but then Mr. Pikko said he didn't see anything wrong if others did it. I don't expect to win at all, but I like little contests like that! ^_^

We ate at Kim Chee 7 last night and though I ordered a small portion BBQ chicken, they gave me a full size so even with sharing with the two kidlets we still had leftovers. Today there's a softball tournament we're watching and so I packed up a bento for Buddy to eat and we planned to pick up something for Baby Girl. I also packed a salad for myself, but ended up eating this at home during an intermission.

On the left side there's chopped up BBQ chicken (Kim Chee has the best chicken on Oahu imo, though Gina's at Market City has the best vegetables hands down), bean sprouts namul, and kim chee. On the right is rice with Seto Fumi furikake. In addition to the food I packed fruits:

This has sliced strawberries and pitted cherries. It looks like a lot of food for an 18 month old boy, but he ate every bit down to the last tiny piece of strawberry. My salad: (click it to enlarge)

This consists of thinly sliced romaine lettuce topped with 1/4th of an avocado and some kim chee crab. The kim chee crab from Foodland is tastes a LOT better than the one at Don Quijote. It's very flavorful and really spicy so that I don't need any dressing. Lettuce and crab and avocado mixed together is so yummy!!

We're going to another game at 6, so I may pack up bentos yet again! In another type of adventure, my tomato garden is coming along nicely. Baby girl is growing beans and watermelon and her plants look pretty cool too. Problem is we've got bugs! If someone knows what is eating our poor plants and what we can do to combat them, please let me know. We have also planted the Beekeeper Mix that came with a Tori Amos album we bought years ago. It's full of various wildflowers and so far 5 have sprouted. Here are my tomato plants, I hope to have real Pikko-grown tomatoes to put into my bentos in a couple of months! :D

I have like 20 of these, so hopefully that gives me good odds on keeping at least a couple alive in time for them to give fruit!


kundalini said...

I could be mistaken, and most likely am, but it looks like it might be slugs.

You could always print out that picture and take it with you to a garden place. Do you live near the Garden House? They will probably be able to help - even though they are closing pretty soon.

The tomatoes should do fine. One year I just threw tomato seeds in a patch of dirt in front of my house and had tomato plants growing for over a year.

Pikko said...

That's what I thought at first too, but I haven't seen any slug trails and the leaves aren't slimy and neither are the stems.

I might ask my dad, since he grows flowers. Aphids??

kundalini said...

I don't think it would be aphids. If it is aphids, you just need to look at the underside of the leaves and if you see a gazillion little green, flea looking things, then you've got aphids.

Easiest way to get rid of aphids? Spray them with high pressure water.

You know, it could also be snails.

Connie said...

Jeff and I had some rogue tomato plants last year, they gave us TONS of tomatoes. More than we could eat, and the thing wouldn't die. We pulled it out by the roots last fall, and lo and behold, it's baaaaack.

So, I'm being haunted by a tomato plant, but at least I'll have homegrown tomatoes. From hell.

Pikko said...

LOL that's hilarious! We have a big family we eat with every weeknight, so I hope I can have your problem and save us all some money in tomatoes! :D