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June 29, 2007

Meat Jun & BBQ Chicken

This morning I had the latest newsletter from J-list in my Inbox and I was so devastated to read that they've got a booth at AX! *sob* To think I could have been bento shopping while covering an FFXI event at the same time! *cry cry*

Ok I got all my emo out, on to the bento for today!

We ate takeout from Kim Chee 7 last night and I took a piece of Mr. Pikko's extremely oily but oh-so-good meat jun for my lunch. Kim Chee serves good everything. Their chicken is juicy and tasty, the meat jun is soft and well marinated, they have KILLER sauces, the shrimp tempura is HUGE and onolicious, and their soup and veggies are really good. My only "complaint" is that their cabbage and bean sprouts namul are nowhere near as good as Gina's. I've eaten at Kim Chee 2 in Kaimuki and 7 at Westridge. I have no clue where Kim Chees 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are! Haha!

This is my other new box, a 2-tier piggie bento box! (pic below) It's got a food divider, which I love. None of my other boxes have had them and I'm so giddy about it! This layer has my veggies tucked snugly into one side and that includes: cabbage, bean sprouts, daikon kim chee, seaweed, and kim chee. On the other side is more half brown half white rice with sliced BBQ chicken and the piece of meat jun. There is meat jun sauce in the little thermos.

The lower layer contains my fruits which are cherries, kiwi, and some peeled lychee. If you've never had lychee before ohhh, it's good stuff. The only problem is the peeling! Augh I hate it!! My dad will just bite into the shell and eat it like that but I find that so gross cause the shell is so bitter, yech!! But even though I like lychee a lot, I'll take rambutan over lychee any day! This paragraph needs moar !!

Here is the box all closed up and ready to go. Aren't the lil piggies so cute? I still can't believe I won this for one $5, what a steal!

I've kinda ditched my 5 points per day diet for the last few days and switched to a higher point "maintenance" allowance. I figure one week of flatlining isn't going to make me balloon up. My class reunion is this Sunday, thank goodness I've slimmed down so much. It would have so sucked to be fat at the luncheon. D:


Gwendolynne said...

o_O just how fat WERE you before anyway? I seriously doubt it was much.

Gwendolynne said...

oh and i love your site! :) also, because you agree that rambutan kicks so much butt. My personal favorite is longan though. I don't like rambutans simply because the outer skin of the seed always peels off in my mouth when I eat it and gets stuck in my teeth.

Have you eaten durian?

Pikko said...

I was 160 in January of this year. I'm kinda short so 30 pounds is a pretty good amount.

I don't like longan cause it's too sweet. Even with lychee I prefer to eat the ones with slight green tint. I know what you mean about the seed skin of rambutan though, I HATE that! But that makes it so much better when you actually get it off without the skin.

My grandma has a durian tree, but I've never had it.

Gwendolynne said...

Ha I'm 160 too right now :( and also short. I'm glad to see you made it, that gives me more ganbatte power for myself!

I used to play on Phoenix btw, but I stopped now because most of my friends are playing WoW.

Agarwaen said...

WOW!!!!!! envidia D:::!!!!!
cry cry xD