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December 6, 2007

Leftover Panda (153)

No, I did not find, kill, cook, and eat a panda bear. Yesterday was radio day and Mr. Pikko took the kids to eat at Panda Express, which is one of those fast food Chinese restaurants over here. They brought me their leftover plates and I didn't really eat much of it and packed some of it up right away to eat for lunch today.

I couldn't stand Panda's food before but then they went through some kind of image re-working where they made some major changes to their dishes and such and the end result is some pretty decent fast Chinese food. I wish I could blog more today, but I'm trying to finish up a lot of work for my job right now so that when I leave this month, I can have everything in order. Please forgive me!


Cem said...

Ewww, brocolli

ilovepearly said...

Left overs are great, usually my left over dinner is home cooked. Brocolli taste GREAT! what your complaining about cem...hahaha

Mer said...

I wish my left-overs looked like this!

Nice bento. :0)

zhengning said...

i love brocolli! Your leftover dish looks great :)
Nice blog too!

beckey said...

Panda Express went through changes? I've been avoiding them for a few years now... maybe I should give them another chance.