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December 19, 2007

On On Leftovers (161)

Yesterday I had a birthday party to attend at On On on McCully. I ate a whole lot of food, but was able to control myself in that I ate a TON of the salad then did not eat anything of the last two courses. (there were EIGHT!!) I thought the food was great, especially the salad! It was probably doused in fistfuls ajinomoto (MSG) but still tasted yummy!

I don't think I've ever had an 8 course meal at a Chinese restaurant, so it was quite an experience. I didn't know that we were getting this much food so of course I ate a ton of salad, then downed a lot of soup, then quickly ate up the kids' discarded "duck in buns" before I realized that I should have been saving room for all the other things. Roast chicken came out, then a seafood medley in a fried taro bowl, next came mongolian beef with asparagus, then stuffed tofu, and finally cake noodles with duck meat. The duck noodles was by far the best dish so naturally I was upset that it came out last when I'd already stopped eating. I tried a small piece of meat and it was so yummy, that's why my bento is kinda overflowing with it! lol

Sorry for the late and short posting, but it's radio show day! Tune in if you are bored!

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Yvo said...

Banquets at Chinese places here are always 10 courses or more (occasionally 8 but then at the very end they send out a plate of fried rice and a plate of noodles; noodles for longevity, and those count as 2, or so my mom tells me). It's an experience in learning to pace yourself. Which I'm awful at. Haha... yumm, I want to see more of these noodles!