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December 20, 2007

Stuffed Aburaage (162)

Yesterday morning my cousin Jennifer e-mailed me to say she'd missed her flight to Honolulu and that she needed to find a hotel to stay. I ended up offering to pick her up after the radio show and letting her stay the night. We had a nice night talking at Zippy's and laughing at the kiddies who apparently were high on the idea of Aunty Jennifer coming over. Baby Girl put on a Christmas singing show and at the end of one song did a shaka. She sang the song again and her shaka was taking on a weird form and we were like, what is she doing? Then suddenly she does what she wanted, which was to have only her thumb, pointer, and pinky pointing up. Then she screams, "ROCK ON!!!!!!" We almost busted our sides open laughing!!

While we were talking she mentioned a co-worker of hers that reads my blog every day. Hi Christina! Thanks for reading!! ^_^

Today I'm eating stuffed aburaage. Aburaage is fried tofu skin and the stuffing is made out of pork. It's my mother in law's dish and something that doesn't smell so great, but tastes really yummy. On the side I have some white rice and stewed carrots. I added the shelled edamame and a little sprig of parsley for extra detail.

I've been slowly but surely going down in weight, probably because I've been really good about portioning lately. My other cousin Stef heard I've become really skinny and told me I need to eat food but as you can all see here, of course I eat food. lol My best friend's wedding is at the end of May, I'm pretty confident that I can be at my goal weight of 120 by then!! YaY!

I will have no bento tomorrow as we are going to have a Christmas lunch for work.


Cem said...

Cem's guide to food: If it doesn't smell good, it doesn't taste good!

ilovepearly said...

Hmm... I need to slim down too :P

cleona said...

I would have said yummy to stuffed aburaage, if you hadn't mention that it didn't smell so good. :) Anyway, I don't eat's a religion thing. However, i have tasted it by accident a couple of times..and to tell you the truth, it tastes really good. Though it's against my religion not to eat pork, I often thought I've never heard pork having bird flu or mad cow disease. I wonder why?

lalaine said...

Your site brought me back to my life in Japan! I was a lost gaijin who survived on ready bentos because I didn't know how to buy stuff from supermarkets! Best 2 years of my life...never having to wash dishes!

Love your site!