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April 9, 2008

Tonkatsu (204)

I type this with blurry eyes. Buddy woke up at 4:15 AM, asking for "chicken and rice" since he didn't eat much dinner the night before. I went to the kitchen and like any other good, kind, caring bento-minded mother woken up at 4 AM would have, gave him a wonderfully nutritious and beautifully prepared breakfast: chopped up microwaved hotdogs. LOL

Did I have you going? I suggested everything from Cheerios to strawberries to pancakes to grapes to peanut butter whole wheat toast. He wouldn't have any of it while he waited for the rice to cook so that I could make him some Costco chicken fried rice, so that's what he ate. And then when the rice was ready to fry, he was "full" and wanted to watch tv. Typical toddler, living in the now, which changes every 5 minutes.

Today I'm having tonkatsu. I had meant to cook some chicken I didn't get a chance to use over the weekend and try chicken katsu in a different way, but fell asleep putting the kids to bed. This looked a lot better before the sauce all oozed together, but unfortunately I took too long to take the picture. The katsu is cut into small pieces, there's rice underneath, and the asparagus lays nicely on top.

In my second tier I have a salad. I topped it with some Costco chicken so that I didn't need dressing, but I might go trolling into the work fridge and see if there's some healthy dressing I could sprinkle on.

Someone commented yesterday with a really great link to a blog post by Biggie on how to do thin omelets in the microwave. It made me think back to when I had lots of time to read everyone's blog and see all the great lunches and I really miss doing that. Biggie has such a wonderful, helpful blog and if I ever get around to constant reading again, hers is definitely on the top of the list. When I first got into bentos a year ago, hers was always a favorite of mine. Please take a look at her site if you haven't seen it yet. ^_^


Biggie @ Lunch in a Box said...

You're so sweet, Pikko! Thanks so much for the kind words, and I hear you about not having time to read about everyone's interesting bento adventures. I feel so bad about it sometimes, and go on big reading binges when my son's asleep. (Not as often as I should, though!)

bunbungirl said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't really eat salads myself but I read this tip and thought I'd pass it on. Rather than pouring dressing on the salad, put the dressing in a container and dip you fork into the dressing before picking up some salad. It cuts down on the dressing you actually use but you get some taste every bite. But maybe everyone already does this o.O

I wonder what stat salad would boost in XI

Pikko said...

Thanks for commenting Biggie! I really miss your blog. ; ; Maybe when work calms down more I'll get back into reading all the LJ ones too.

Anonymous, I already do this for salads, when I do eat them with dressing. :) Today I used a Raspberry Walnut Vinegarette and only dripped a few drops on. :D

janfrederick said...

Heh, Buddy sounds like our very own Junior's long lost twin.