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May 23, 2008

100k Bento Contest

*sigh* I forgot to upload my bento picture today. I'll try to post it tonight, if not, then I'll post it from Kona!

I just looked at my counter and saw that I'm quickly approaching 100k visitors!! I think it's time for a contest! Prize will be a bento grab bag. I don't know what I'll put in it, probably a bunch of bento boxes and accessories. My favorites (depending how many people enter) out of the entries will get posted here on my blog and I'll create a poll for people to vote. The winner will get the grab bag! This does not have to be a bento that you make just for this, you can pick an old picture of a bento long eaten. Just make sure it's made by you!

Send to me:

First Name
Picture of bento (must be your own)
Description of bento components
Bento blog link (if any)

Entry deadline is whenever I hit 100k. Get to work, fellow bentists! (my coworker Fleven came up with this ingenius term)


Darqflame said...


Kitty said...

haha, what fun! Er.. how close are you to 100k? So I know how much time I get to procrastinate. :p

btw... went to marukai 99 last night.. and it looks like they got some new bento making shipments in. Rice paddle molds, quail egg molds, wooden rice molds, a slew of new bento boxes that close with the two side snaps... my wallet barely made out alive.

Kitty said...

durr, nm, I just realized the counter is on the upper right of your site.

Pikko said...

Oh no... you had to go and say that... I'll have to find some excuse to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun...I also realised you had a counter! Great I'll send you one...

cui ling said...

is there a limitation of how many entries per person?

Wren said...

awe...i wasnt to enter, but my boxes havent gotten here afriad they may not be here in time :(

Kitanya said...
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Kitanya said...

oooh I want to enter <3

I don't have much experience in bento making so I'll try out something new for this :3

Too bad I only have 1 bento box XD
I'll have to make something extra special with it :D

Where do we send the pic? To what email? :3
I'm fairly new to blogs ^^

Stephanie Hobbs said...

How exciting!! I would love to enter! ^_^