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May 12, 2008

Chibo Yakisoba (212)

For Mother's Day the family decided we should beat the crowds and eat out on Saturday instead of Sunday. We went to a restaurant at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center called Chibo, which is an "Okonomiyaki" restaurant. I had actually never heard of this type of food before and really wasn't sure how I'd like eating Japanese food in a crepe, so I went with the yakisoba. They cooked it right in front of us and this amused the kidlets for about 5 minutes before they were throwing napkins, stealing chopsticks to break them apart and toss them, and asking to go outside.

I don't eat yakisoba very often but have made it a few times at home myself. I got the "Chibo" combination special dinner. Though the food was good, I'm not really sure it was worth the money. I guess it's the experience you pay for. I have additional pictures of the food that I will post tomorrow!

For today I have leftover yakisoba from the kid's meal. Buddy and Baby Girl split a yakisoba dish with chicken and pork, so that is what I am eating today.

I added some green onions to the top to give it a bit more color and added in a flower-shaped onigiri with nori paste in the middle and small umeboshi stuck into the middle. This tasted pretty good reheated!


Lunch Buckets said...

oh, I think I saw this type of food on a Tony Bourdain show ... apparently it's meant to be eaten with copious amounts of beer :)

kitty said...

*gasp* You went to Chibo's and didn't order okonomiyaki??? Its what you go there for! I tried their yakisoba before, it was alright. I'm not sure about the copious amount of beer part but shirokiya gets okonomiyaki sometimes during their fairs. I don't know if its a regular thing now, they made a takoyaki station where the mochi treats used to be.

Midsummerprism said...

Hello there! I've been reading and visiting here for such a long time now but I think I have never posted a comment.

I want to thank you for the delightful posts and ideas you place here. They are a great help to me. You bloggy' is so unique. There are food blogs out there but this one is its own kind..very on the go!

More power!

Pikko said...

Lunch Buckets: Hmm, next time maybe I should go with the Mr. without the kiddies, then we could do the beer thing. ;)

kitty: lol! I saw one cooking and it just did not look like my kind of food!! A cabbage pancake? Yech! Plus, I tried one of the crepe style yakisoba dishes that my sis-in-law got and I didn't really like it. >.<

midsummerprism: Thanks for the nice comment and for reading! :D

kastinkerbell said...

I think you may have miscounted! I think this is #212. :)

Pikko said...

Ack, so I did! lol! Thanks for pointing that out.

Erika said...

LOL, I've told you about okonomiyaki before, but you never heard of it.

I guess you don't like cooked cabbage?

kitty said...

Actually I don't notice the cooked cabbage too much when I eat okonomiyaki. I don't remember the Chibo's one too much but the shirokiya one has a lot more yakisoba than cabbage. I dunno about the crepe filled one... never tried that before.