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July 25, 2007

Fruity Bento

Nothing much to offer today because we're having a luncheon at work. I still had to pack snacks though, so I've taken a picture of my fruit bento. In it there are slices of some Jonagold apples, which I bought at Costco because they were the cheapest ones. They're pretty good, interesting taste and a little tart. There are also peaches and banana flowers. I put the rest of the banana slices and flowers on the mini Eggo waffles for the kids this morning and they went bananas over it, haha!

I know, boring. But I figured it was better than nothing at all! ^_^


Josie said...

Excuse me, boring!? This is the cutest snack EVER!!!

Please, can you share/explain how you got the shape of the bananas!! They're too cuteee! :3

Pikko said...

I have these veggie cutters and I just sliced the bananas and cut out the flowers using those! ^_^