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February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year! (189)

I've watched every single episode of Lost ever since Season 1 and even though fans like me went through some frustrating moments in Season 3, I've never really ever "lost" interest in the show. But that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate just how magnificently awesome Season 4 has been so far. Every episode we've seen this year has the old magic of Lost back from the first two seasons. Actually, I take that back, it's much better. Last night's episode certainly was no exception, ranking up in my top 3 episodes of the entire series. Or maybe I just <3 Desmond. Can you be any sexier, brother?

Yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for the Scottish accent I guess.


Anyway, SPOILERS!!!!!!!

Oh god, tears. Yeah, I so cried last night watching that. *sniff*

On to the bento!

Since today is leap year day, I thought I should do a froggy. What cuter frog is there than Kerokerokeroppi?! Plus since my old buddy Jeth commented yesterday that I haven't done a face bento in a while, this fits right in! ^_^

The bento itself is pretty bad, consisting of furikake rice and shoyu chicken hot dog (with edamame on the bottom half). Keroppi's green skin is made out of danjour pear skin. His eyes and shirt are the white fleshy part of the pear. The black outlines are obviously nori. The red stripes on his shirt are the inside flesh of a strawberry, and his cheeks are little clusters of raspberry seeds. The way I made him was to print and cut out a picture of Keroppi, then cut the entire background of him out of nori. Then I cut him into little sections so that I could get all the inner black outlines too. I cut it into eyeballs, face, two hands, two feet, and body.

After I cut out the nori I cut the black part off the papers and then used that to trace cut the fruit. I kinda messed up on the eyes because I tried to trim them down, forgetting that the eyeballs fit right into the face, so I had to do some more trimming on his face to make it look okay.

Sadly, I had forgotten my purse at work yesterday and my camera was in there. :( This picture was taken with Mr. Pikko's new Samsung FlipShot camera. Quality came out pretty good, but I had to do a lot of lighting and color adjustments in Photoshop before it looked like this. Best I could do!

Tomorrow is UFC 82 and I'm not sure where we're going to see it yet, but I'm excited about it! Anderson Silva is a very entertaining fighter and I usually root for him whenever he's not kneeing Rich Franklin's nose into last year. ; ;


lj2899 said...

so cute!

Kaits said...

Lost was awesome last night! Desmond is <3! ^_^

What a cute bento! Keropi is my mom's favorite.

Jeth said...


Dione said...

Oh Pikko, I loved that moment on Lost last night too...god I love Desmond. I also have a thing for Scottish men:) And I completely agree that this season has been one of the best. I love the flash forwards.
And your bento is super cute too:)

Mer said...

1st of all, I have to agree about that last LOST episode. My husband hasn't seen it yet, and I told him it was definitely in my top five episodes of all time. AWESOME!!!

Now, on to your amazing bento. This is seriously the cutest thing ever. I am so impressed!

byrumnews said...

I just found your site and love the idea of the Bento box. Where do you get those cute little bottles the fish, the tomato to carry your soy sauce in?

Pikko said...

Thanks for all the great comments!! Great to hear that a lot of you are LOST fans too. :D

byrumnews, I get them from Marukai here in Honolulu. If you are interested in some I have them available in my bento store.

Sophie said...

I keep seeing a lot of cute food, but this one's my fav so far! I just can't seem to get over my Sanrio obsession :)...and now you're feeding it even more...cheesy, get it? :) Cute blog - keep posting!