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February 19, 2008

Teriyaki Beef (184)

I made teri beef for dinner on Sunday so that's what I'm having for lunch today. I made spaghetti last night but decided I will freeze the leftovers into single portions like I've seen on Biggie's blog before. This is assuming that I remember to do it though... My mom wanted to eat sashimi, so we bought a couple of ahi fillets and she sliced it up nice and pretty for us on a bed of lettuce. Tofu was on sale, so I bought some of that too. My kids thought it was completely hilarious to pick up a tub of tofu and put it in the wagon, so they started doing this over and over while giggling uncontrollably. My mom thought she weeded them all out, but when we got to the register, we found one last soft tofu tub hiding under a bag of green onions.

I have a small bit of furikake rice to go with the beef as well as Okinawan sweet potato, a grape tomato, some thin slices of cucumber kim chee, eggplant pickles, cucumber pickles, sashimi, and tofu. I added a little shoyu fishie on top of the tofu. I squashed it down so no doubt when I eat lunch, there will be a funny fish imprint on the tofu, haha!

I am happy to report that my ear is no longer infected. Out of all the advice people gave me I think the one that worked was to stop cleaning it so much. I cut it down to 2 times a day instead of 3 and that seemed to help a lot. Two more weeks and I can wear other earrings!

I just realized that I am only 16 bentos away from #200! Augh! I have to come up with something!! **brainstorm begins**


LaTejanaFria said...

That looks delicious! I have a quick question. I have some of those fish to carry sauces, but I can't seem to get them as full as you show here. How do you do it?

Pikko said...

I pour some soy sauce into a small bowl or dish and then squeeze the fish and suck it up. Then I squeeze out the remaining air and repeat. It usually takes me anywhere from 2-4 tries to fill it up completely. ^_^

sarah said...

Ooo... So you were like my sister who over cleans her ears, haha. Good to know it's all better. =)

Jeth said...

If you plan it out carefully, maybe 200th Bento = Birthday Bento!