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February 18, 2008

Zoo Bento (183)

Today was a rather exhausting day. It was President's Day and since I work for the state, of course we get the day off. At least, I think it's President's Day... lol! Anyway, my mom stayed over last night so that we could go to the zoo together today before she flew home. I made a bento for all of us. Mr. Pikko was going to go, but then discovered the toilet was leaking and so had to stay home and fix that. Yuck!!

So me and moms headed off to the zoo with one really itchy girl (she broke out in hives last night for some unknown reason) and one monkey. It took us like an hour to get from the car to the picnic area because Buddy wanted to stop and "WHOAAAAAA!" at everything. It was a sweltering day and I was ready to leave after staying 5 minutes in the Keiki Zoo.

I made spam musubis and tucked in some sliced fishcake to fill the spaces on the side. This time I used Spam Lite so that I could excuse myself for eating more than one. ^_^

I could have just brought the musubis and that would have been enough, but I made yakisoba, sweet potato, and shoyu hotdog for the second layer. I don't know why, but it didn't even occur to me to use my octopus dog cutter that I bought from J-List during Christmas. I was packing them in when I remembered it and I was ready to kick myself. Oh well... next time!! Baby Girl didn't seem to mind. She grabbed like 5 hotdogs and proclaimed to all that were listening that those were HER hotdogs. When she couldn't eat them all she ever so graciously gave them to Buddy to eat. Cause she's so nice like dat.

For the yakisoba I just had a package of yakisoba noodles in the freezer. I bought a bag of stir fry veggies, fried it in 2 Tb of olive oil, added two slices of Spam, the noodles, and then 10 Tb of oyster sauce. Very quick and easy to make and tastes really good. I have some for my lunches this week.

After the zoo we went to Waiola for shave ice and man the line was retardedly long. My mom took like 20 minutes to come back with the cups. Tasted so good though, was worth the wait. Anyway, it's 8 pm and I need to go bathe and pass out.


Jenny said...

Looks delicious! Man...wish I could pack my food like you do. I just ate breakfast and now I'm hungry again...

Xera said...

Mrs. Pikko, you are truly talented! I wish I could be a wife, a mother, and hold down a job while making delicious-looking bentos! Thank you for sharing your art through food :)

Elaine said...

Your bento lunches are totally amazing. As pretty as an eki-ben. I wrote about your blog on my blog the other day. Click through and scroll down to Feb 6 post. I wish you well on the weight loss/maintenance front!

Pikko said...

Thanks for the awesome comments, ladies! And thank you to Elaine for blogging about me. ^_^