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February 12, 2008

Teri Hamburger Patty (179)

Today I'm using a new bento box but I forgot to take a picture of the outside of it. It's a two tier box with a cute froggy on the outside. It even comes with a matching fork! ^_^

Today I'm eating a teriyaki hamburger patty with leftover shrimp fried rice. I was trying to eat this for lunch during my radio show on Sunday but didn't get much eaten for fear of making too much noise. I really have to remember to eat before showtimes. The rice looked great with the peas so I decided to leave the shrimps on the side next to the patties. The piggy bottle has soy sauce in it for the rice because it wasn't the tastiest of fried rices and I'm one of those people that thinks soy sauce makes everything taste better. The little food dividers were a gift from one of my blog readers, Stephanie. I finally got a chance to use them! So cute! Thank you again!

I'm a little upset that I didn't notice that open space next to the piggy. I hate having open spaces like that. ; ;

In my bottom tier I packed a lot of fruit. I have two sliced kiwis, some raspberries, and then a little silicone cup of blueberries. The cup is from a set of cups that I got from Nizdaar in the Allakhazam Secret Santa exchange we did. They're so tiny and a perfect size for the shallower bento containers I have. I have the regular sized silicone cups and they're only useful in my taller boxes. This set came from Amazon and the set contained lots of different colors. A great bento item since you can use them over and over!

I noticed yesterday that the Hawaii Chair video got removed, so I edited the post to display a new video!


Jeth said...

Hi Pikko!

Yay, the shrimps are back, long overdue! I think your bentos that involve shrimp make for the best looking ones.

But with your recent talk of Korean restaurants - Kim Chee, Gina's - I was wondering if you and Mr. Pikko still go to Million Restaurant near Ala Moana.

And I think you're right, I like the sides at Gina's the best. Especially since they'll offer you some more if you dine in and they see you running out. Have you tried their hot fried chicken plate? I think that's my favorite.

Pikko said...

Hey Jeth! How have you been? :D

We haven't gone to Millions in a really long time. The last time we went the side order meat jun was like 11 bucks and didn't taste the same. I guess they stopped putting the drugs into it. :(