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March 24, 2008

Chicken & Egg Salad Sandwich (198)

Today I'm having a chicken and egg salad sandwich. With Easter, was there ever any doubt that I'd be having this for lunch today?? I'll be eating boiled eggs for snacks for a week! I usually eat them with soy sauce, yolk tossed. I loooove boiled egg whites with shoyu, especially Kikkoman.

I used light mayo for the filling and so that with the bread already makes this a 5 point bento. The Jello eggs are probably 2 points since one is Sugar-free, but one is not. Those will zero out though, since I did a hundred squats earlier today and still have to walk to fiscal later (40 min walk). I still want to try that Spark People site and have been getting really useful tips via e-mail from them, but I find myself still looking at everything in a points mindset. Perhaps a combination of both will help me out. Easter waged war upon my midsection and came away with only a minor victory. I gained .2 pounds as of this morning.

Anyway, I toasted the bread to make it easier to cut and added chopped Costco chicken to the egg mixture, meaning I can use this one to start off my 10? 12? 20? Ways to Eat a Costco Chicken thing. I tucked in as many baby carrots as I could fit. I love d'Anjou pear (crunchy, not soft) so I sliced up a whole pear to fill up all that empty space. Next to the carrots is a silicone cup of cucumber pickles and then for dessert, my two Jello eggs! My cousin e-mailed me after she saw yesterday's post and was like, "omg me too!" The Jell-O egg frenzy is alive and well!

I still dunno what to do for #200. :( It's only 2 bento away! D:


Jeth said...

That bento looks really healthy.

And not to put too much pressure on you, but Bento #100 was really impressive ;)

And did you try looking on Amazon for your Mom's blackberry gelatin, they got a couple here and here.

Pikko said...

OMG Jeth, you rock! I'm so giving her that for Mother's Day! lolol

Jeth said...

LOL, well the Jell-O one is a "Blackberry Fusion" so I don't think it's what your Mom had, but the Royal brand one looks like it has some good reviews. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My main complaint about Spark People is that they don't have the calories listed for the food I usually eat. Other than that it's pretty helpful.

Anonymous said...

This bento looks beautifully delicious!