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March 5, 2008

Chicken Tofu (191)

I made like the hugest mistake ever and bought one of those jars of garlic salted Planters peanut jars and I am whacking it at work. It's ungood. I know peanuts are healthy, but in moderation. There ain't nothing moderate about my peanut intake, let me tell you! The sooner it's gone the better. You know this translates into "eat it all today". Gah!

I was lazy this morning, so this isn't much of a bento. I have leftover chicken tofu, a car shaped boiled egg that I had in the fridge already. I dyed it green cause my kids have this thing for green cars for some reason. On the side is some edamame and carrots. On my bottom layer I have strawberries. For snacks I brought a yogurt and a Fuji apple.

This past Sunday was the 6 week marker for my earrings to come out and so I went earring shopping. I bought a ton of earrings and then was able to wear some hook ones for a day. Then I tried to wear some hoops and the dang holes were being stubborn and I was poking around and could not find the hole in the back. My holes started bleeding and everything, I was sooo frustrated. ;( My co-worker finally got them in for me. I put the studs back in and will leave them there for a couple more weeks. Such a bummer!


Kelly said...

I had the same earring problem when I first got my ears pierced and I had to do the same-put the studs in and wait longer, but it was worth it. I like tons of different earrings. (o:

By the way-I like the green car!

Kelly said...

How did you get the car *so* green?! It looks great (as does the rest of the bento).

Pikko said...

When I want a light color, I mix 1 drop with some water before soaking the egg. This time I just dropped the dye right on the egg and spread it around. Don't use your fingers like I did though. Green fingers don't look that great. lol