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March 18, 2008

Miso Pork (195)

I thought I had it all figured out last week when I skipped bentos in order to have my 200th bento timed right in time for the day after Easter. But then yesterday I woke up and immediately yakked and stayed home. The one day I made my bento the NIGHT BEFORE (OMG OMG OMG!) I end up sick. I guess me being on time just disgusts my body and this started some kind of inner revolution. So anyway, this was yesterday's bento. I also did not take Good Friday into account. So while I was supposed to have bentos 195-199 done this week, alas, there is a little fly in my ointment.

I made miso pork on Sunday, though this time I put sake and I could really taste it. Since the kids had been throwing tantrums on an hourly basis I drank some of the sake while cooking. Bwahaha!

Okay, that was funnier on Sunday.

I despise the way the pork looks in this picture and it looks that way because it was refrigerated overnight. It looked much more golden brown and attractive when I first made it Sunday. D: Underneath it is the healthy rice I mentioned last week. I sliced up a piece of takuan and tucked it into the section with some cucumber pickles. Lastly I have garlic salted asparagus spears pan fried in olive oil.

I've decided to join Weight Watchers again after Easter. Next Monday will mark 2 months before the wedding and I'm basically 130 right now. My eating habits have really slipped and so I'm hoping having the online tracker at my disposal will once again put me back on track and help me kick off that last 10 pounds. My problem is usually dinnertime and weekends. That and my new weakness for curry ramen. ; ;

I know a bunch of you watch Lost and that you all might agreed the Desmond episode was highly emotional and probably one of the most tear jerking so far. Well that was true before last week's episode, Ji Yeon. My butthead husband figured it out about 15 minutes in, so I didn't have that fuzzy "Oh I'm so stupid to not have figured it out!" feeling. That didn't matter though, I still cried my eyes out. I'm not sure if it's because Sun is Asian and that makes me identify with her more or something, but damn did that scene break me down! I even watched the ending again last night just to find out if it was still that raw and sure enough, Niagra Falls again!

I love, LOVE the new, slow piano theme they play lately. *sigh*


Ryan said...

I agree. I thought the waterworks couldn't plumb any deeper than they did than when Penny and Desmond finally connected, but Sun's visit to Jin's grave was devastating. Regardless of ethnicity, I think the tragedy and loss was simply human. Kudos to Yunjin Kim for a heartbreaking performance... but yes, the music is key.

Indeed, the song you like is from Season 1. Titled "Life and Death," track 20 on the "LOST" season one oundtrack. It surfaces only for very special occasions, and the moment it started playing, there was no question as to Jin's fate.

You can buy the track on iTunes. It might get your eyes misty even without a scene from "LOST" in front of you!

Ryan said...

Or, here's a guy on YouTube who learned to play the "Life and Death" theme by ear. Just beautiful.

Pikko said...

Ohh! That is a really cool video! I hadn't realized it was from S1 too. I have high hopes for this Thursday! And woo, no Jack episode yet.

mbbored said...

Hi! First time commenter, but I love the blog. It's inspired me to get my own bento and pack nicer lunches. Anyways, if you want to join WW for the food tracker, you should look at first. It's a free website, well run, with food and exercise logs, message boards, etc. I'm a broke grad student and it's helped me lose almost 20 pounds so far.

Anonymous said...

When I was starting on my weight loss plan my instructor told me to not obsess about my weight but pay more attention to how my clothes fit.

So don't worry about the weight! Try on the dress and get toned.

Dione said...

I haven't seen this ep yet cause I was on evenings...I did hear that Jin had died though. How sad that he didn't even see his daughter born! That is worse than the week before. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow in Pop Up Lost format.
Thanks for posting that clip:)

But don't you think its just so satifying to watch a weepy show and have a good cry? It just feels so GOOD sometimes LOL:)