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March 25, 2008

Teri Hamburger Patty (199)

Tomorrow is a holiday for us state slackers, so if all goes well, Bento #200 should land this Thursday. I've finally decided what I want to do, but am not going to say what it is so that it is a nice surprise for everyone. And just so that it will be more impressive, I made a really crappy bento today. LOL

In reality, I was just lazy. I slept in a bit and didn't start making my bento til it was like 7 AM. I have a teriyaki hamburger patty, cut in half to make it lay out nicely. Next to that, some cucumber pickles and garlic pan fried asparagus (in garlic salt and olive oil). I filled in some space with some chopped up egg whites, more leftovers from Easter. To make it not look that horrible, I added some sakura shaped carrots. Hopefully those distract you guys enough. I put soy sauce in the tomato bottle to eat the egg with.

I bounced down a bit to 128.8, so hopefully I can keep up a good thing this week with increased work exercises, walking, and being good in general. I think my problem for the last few months has been that I adopted this really bad "Hey, I'm skinny now, I can eat wutevas now." mentality. Someone commented that I shouldn't obsess over my weight, but instead pay attention to how my clothes fit. Good advice, only my pants ARE getting tighter, so I do need to get back on track. I am happy to report that I successfully dodged the box of Truffles some evil person brought in to work.


fossettes said...

It seems that setbacks are part of it: when you feel too much comfortable and pride, you go back to old habits. Well, that's what I often do, It's a little fear, nothing else than a little little fear.

Girl said...

healthy food is the best

barred owl said...


Found your site from a link in a discussion on (the discussion was about what to bring for lunch and brown-baggin' it)

I'm completey tickled by your blog, it's so cute!

i just re-started my weight-loss efforts over at and i'm doing sparkpeople (again, it really worked the first time until i got lazy! but i lost like 20 lbs before that happened)

i'm going to add you to my blogroll!


Jeth said...

Refresh... refresh... come on 200th bento!