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September 13, 2007

Chicken Parmigiana

Today's post is a bit late as the second I arrived at work this morning I got a call and had to go pick up Baby Girl. So now she's here at work with me driving me mad asking me 5 million questions an hour.

This morning Buddy woke up at 4:45 am and an hour later I got pulled in to take my turn with him. I caught him scribbling down his plans for an experiment titled, "How Hard One Has To Pull On Mommy's Pants While She's Cooking To Make Them Fall Down". He's been nearly successful and I'm positive that soon he'll come up with a strategy to achieve victory. My bento will no doubt have crooked elements on that day.

Today I have leftovers from the weekend which is Chicken Parmigiana from Costco. I've gotten one before and it tastes good but I've never understood why the instructions say to cook it in the plastic pan. This time I didn't transfer it to a metal pan and used it as the instructions said to and it turned out fine. I guess it's a hardy plastic or something. I still find it odd to cook something in the oven with a plastic container.

I put some egg noodles under it and then a cup of cucumber kim chee on one side and then another cup of blueberries on the other. Unfortunately I didn't eat much of this bento. Baby Girl wanted the blueberries and then after that insisted that she NEEDED to eat the cheese on the chicken. So I ate the cucumbers and avocado and just abandoned the chicken.

This is the box I packed it in. I finally found the fork, spoon, and cover for it. It was hidden in a little area under a table. Woot! I have a garden update from last week too. My tomato plants all have varying amounts of tomatoes and I'm very happy at the rate at which they're growing. Soon I'll be including lots of tomatoes in my bentos! ^_^

A close-up photo:

The only problem I see is suddenly having a crapload of ripe tomatoes to use and not enough bentos to use them in. I will have to get really creative with my tomato usage!


Marryth said...

I always end up having to make a ton of spaghetti sauce with my tomatoes (and freeze it for later use), as they always conspire to ripen at the same time in a big boom. I run out of uses before they run out of steam!

I think I'm going to have to pick up some blueberries now, though. They're yummy, and add nice color!

priscilla said...

Looks both colorful and yummy. :) Costco can be wonderful! I'll have to give that chicken a try. :)

Yvo said...

I want the tomatoes.... too bad you're so farrrr... hehe. I've got plans to grow my own next year :) next to some basil...

Oh, and I have to mention the plastic-tray-oven thing. My bf's mother is known not to be able to cook. She knows it and doesn't cook, doesn't care; one year they were throwing a big family dinner and she got frozen lasagnas from Costco (or a similar wholesale place here) and they were in plastic trays. So we were both like, wtf, but the directions said to use them and she put them in an sure enough, a while later, the plastic melted and burned and no one could eat the lasagnas. EVERYONE screamed at her (her kids, not me) and I was just like, but that's what the directions said! and NO ONE believed her. It was bad... so yeah. I'll stick to the foil trays or removing it if i can to something else.... haha. Glad yours didn't burn/melt tho!!!

Pikko said...

Marryth, what a great excuse to make real spaghetti from fresh tomatoes! lol

Priscilla, yes, Costco does have it's moments. :)

Yvo, that's so sad about your boyfriend's mom!!! Maybe the oven temperature was too hot? :(