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September 17, 2007

Ham & Turkey Wraps (112)

I'm posting late today due to a lot of work, a lot of online drama, a lot of online work, and to top it all off, an internets outage when I got to work. For two weeks in a row, I've lost weight on the weekend and I once again attribute this to my two twerps destroying the house several times a day out of boredom. At one point I told the kids to go play and Baby Girl said, "Come Buddy, let's go make a mess!" *glower*

With all of this going on, I had to just make some quick wraps and toss in olives. Not exciting, I know, but at least I still packed a lunch and didn't have to buy something. One roll holds ham and the other holds turkey. I spread Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese onto snack tortilla (and now that I think about it, I forgot a wedge of cheese on my computer desk, doh!), then put the cold cuts, then layered on leaves of spinach.

I am insanely busy today, but will be taking a bunch of bento orders to ship out this afternoon. Those waiting will get an invoice from me tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!!


Mer said...

Wow! You have lots of neat bentos - and such cute boxes!

Technical question: How do you put the "adventrues in bentomaking" stamp on your photos?

Pikko said...

Hi Mer!

Thanks for reading my blog!

I put it on using Adobe Photoshop Elements! :)

Mer said...

Oh - I use iPhoto. Thanks for the info!