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September 27, 2007

Nuggets (119)

I know what you're thinking already. When the heck is Pikko going to use her darned fancy schmancy egg thinger!?!? I haven't had time yet. :( Maybe tonight! I keep falling asleep when I put Buddy to bed and that usually hoses my entire free time for the day. I really need to stop doing that and train the little fart to fall asleep on his own again.

I got up early this morning, 4 am! Geeeez! I cooked rice but got really lazy and so I looked in the freezer and decided to use some of my Morningstar nuggets, which if I remember correctly, are made out of vegetables but taste like chicken.

Some will look at this picture and this, furikake rice? With chicken nuggets?? This bento is actually just part of my stomach's master lunch plan. I felt like eating furikake rice this morning, but had no meat unless I wanted to eat mochiko chicken again (which by the way, my mother in law made for dinner last night!) so I used the nuggets. I'll eat some of the rice, then use the rest to put into a can of chicken noodle soup I brought along with my lunch. So this way I get nuggets, furikake rice, and soup with rice too. Oh and carrots.

Too bad I forgot to pack fruits. Way to mess up the master plan, Pikko!

Bento orders were packed up this morning and I'll go to the post office this afternoon.


Marryth said...

Hmm, I like the idea of these nuggets. I'm not totally vegetarian these days, but I don't like meat in general, so they're worth looking into! Wonder if I can find them here...

Nice bento, by the way. :) You make even simple meals look GREAT! :D

Pikko said...

FYI, they didn't taste too hot lol. I had to fling some soy sauce onto them to eat em. Other than that, they weren't too bad!

Thanks for such a nice compliment!!

Mer said...

I have another question about your photos, which always look so nice and professional. Do you photograph your bentos on different tablecloths each day, or is the background something you photoshop in?

Pikko said...

I use my furoshiki to take pictures on. :) The last two have been on material I bought to make my own lunch cloths though.