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September 21, 2007

New Bento Toys!

I'm at home sick today with the King of Headaches. I must say, he's quite the grumpy guy. With no bento, I thought I would show my spiffy new bento toys, which arrived yesterday from Mr. Pikko's friend in Japan. Thank you thank you thank you, Carl! I also would like to thank Susperia from FFXI for helping me with the instructions!

First of all, I have a new set of nori punches. I'm sure Bento Investigators out there have found images of this item before. Aren't they adorable?? I can't wait to do onigiri with them.

As exciting as the punches are though, this was what I was most looking forward to. It's called a "Dreamland" or something. It's a spiffy Japanese contraption that lets you cook eggs with shaped yolks. Isn't that just awesome?? I can't wait to try it out! It can be used for Jell-O too, wheeeeeeee.

Things finally seem to be settling down, thank goodness. I wanted to start prepwork for my football musubis tomorrow, but if his Majesty doesn't go away, I'll have to do it tomorrow morning. I have a new batch of bento orders that need packaging up to take care of too. My dad is coming to visit for the football game and he requested that I take him on an errand to... Marukai dollar store. Hahahahaha! He has to buy some kind of plastic tray and he was like, "If you cannot take me that's ok..." Hehe, no worries Daddy-O, I'll make me some time to go!

More good news: My tomatoes are ripening!!! They're quite small, which I'm guessing is due to me being too lazy to go buy fertilizer. But who cares!! They're small and cute and I grew them myself!! *beam*

And more on another plant!



scrubbs said...

I'm so jealous! Might you be selling any perchance?

Mer said...

I love the little nori punches to make cute faces! I had assumed that most faces were cut out by hand, but maybe not.

Thanks for sharing!

Pikko said...

Unfortunately, no. :(

Mer: I'd be reeeally crazy to cut that out by hand!! lol

Jenny said...

Those are the cutest! I always wondered how people made those nori faces! Would you be willing to share your source so we may purchase them as well?

Nilmandra said...

I've been looking for those faces nori punches for the longest time as well. If you have any tips on how to purchase them, that will be great.

Those shaped egg yolks are mind boggling! How does that happen? The actual outside shape of the egg stays the same right?

Love your little growing tomatoes btw :) Lovely.

Damien De said...

It's a nice blog you have. Hope your headache goes away.

Natala said...

Good post.